A Tale of the Frog Prince

When I was a little boy, I did not go to the kindergarden. To make up the for the lack of contact with my peers in these early years,  I went through all the common childhood infective diseases, one after another, during my first year of school.

While bedridden, I tried my hand at a number of pastimes: sewing buttons, making fabric on a miniature loom and drawing. Drawing was the least successful – evidently I knew that my destiny was to go into photography… However, the preferred occupation was reading fairy tales. If you like Grimm brothers, the “Prince Frog” will be a familiar story.

Ash tray King
Ashtray King

Yesterday’s reference to window shots by Sudek and Kertesz has made me realize, that from time to time, I like to play the game of transforming common objects into celebrities in my photographs. The difference perhaps, is, that in my case, I like to use the street as backdrop, and seek to find harmony composed out of a few non related elements. This is also why I like to use short macro lenses, as walk around “normals”.

Window shopping
Window shopping