Back home, feel good

During my life I’ve lived in four countries. When I have a chance to visit one of the old homelands, I’m always tempted by some local specialties, that reawaken the home feel good factor. In Milan, it would certainly be a visit to one of the many great caffe’s  around San Babila or Duomo squares, but also, simply a quick lunch based on a good pizza and the local Birra Peroni.

Feat for the eyes and the stomach - Birra Peroni and a Calzone alla romana
Feat for the eyes and the stomach – Birra Peroni and a Calzone alla Romana

This particular beer brand has a long tradition of witty TV commercials, where the image of the beer is superimposed on a beautiful blonde. Milan is the heart of the productive part of Italy, hence even if wine and more sophisticated food would be the gourmet standard, a quick midday meal based on pizza and beer is quite popular among the working population.

Multiple layers
Multiple layers

While some eat, others work, to make their meal enjoyable.  We take the division of labour for granted, but it is actually a fairly recent invention in the history of humankind. It might be for this reason, that some scientists believe, that our highest point in brain capacity is a thing of the past. However, we still evolve our intelligence, under pressure of life in a modern society.

“You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To”