Looking at Nice # 1

Between the sky and the deep blue sea
Between the mountains and the deep blue sea

Nissa la belle, as the locals say, is the natural environment where I make most of my photographs. I’ve decided to make a theme dedicated to this city, in which I’d like to show   what attracts my attention, with a particular eye for the environment and the light which sculpts its streets. People will be in the first plane, but the intention is to show them immersed in Nice’s urban geometry.

Old Nice
Old Nice

The cramped architecture of Old Nice – built entirely in the times when it was Nizza – part of Italy, is a particularly fertile ground for images where the “chiaroscuro” plays a dominant role. I must admit to have a weak spot for photographs with a strong graphic impact.

Morning in Nice
Morning in Nice

 “I Only Have Eyes For You” – Jamie Cullum

Nice life


“Hello there!  Just arrived in Nice and feeling lost in translation? 

Looking for a place to meet people in the same situation as you? 

Miss a big mug of coffee, good music and a laid back atmosphere?​

Well, then you’ve found the perfect spot!

Nice Life is your friend in hand, if it’s just to feel at home and have a cup of coffee in one of our comfy sofas in our “living room” or maybe you want some peace of mind for your french studies? Maybe you are looking for other expat mothers and don’t know what to do with the kids on Wednesdays?

Or you sailors out there are just looking for a hide out to skype with your folks!”

It turned out, that a college friend of my daughter has opened a cozy place close to the port in Nice (15, Bd. Lech Walesa – go figure !), and she is making of it a bit of a hub mainly for “displaced” expats of all nations who happen to be around.  I’ve only been there once, but the raw cake and green tea have been excellent, and am promising myself to try out other treats after the holidays.

Last, but not least, Sophie – the owner,  is charming .  I was asking myself if she didn’t make a career mistake by not becoming a model.  Perhaps, in her opinion, nice life is only in Nice.

“You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To” – Helen Merrill