Christmas is coming

The nearing of the Christmas season on Cote d’Azur, is mainly perceptible, through the sudden appearance of decorations and little lamps in the streets. It usually adds a slightly surreal touch to the environment, because December tends to be a month without much rain, and the temperatures are still very enjoyable.People happily continue to eat out in the sidewalk restaurants, seated in their t shirts, and some more courageous even continue to bath regularly in the sea.

Christmas is only two weeks away - isn't it evident ?
Christmas is only two weeks away – isn’t it evident ?


On mental conditioning

I often catch myself taking photographs, which I should not really take. There must be some contorted circuit in my brain, which tells me: See? Isn’t it interesting? – or – This should not be there! Photograph it !

In most cases the result is not that great.

I believe, the reason is, that it is the rational part of the brain that “orders” me to photograph, not the intuitive, poetic side, which is sensitive to forms and emotions and capable of that “mindless” perception typical of the creative process.


Is a broken scooter really that much visually compelling
Is a broken scooter really that much visually compelling ?

“You can observe a lot by just watching.” – Yogi Berra

A street photographer set free, is an individual, that has loaded himself above all with the following task: start noticing things.  There are no two pairs of eyes in the universe equal to each other. This is why street photography will always have a future.


Humor is always available in the street
Humor is always available in the street

Recently, I have dusted off one of the old tricks of street shooters: taking the photographs without looking through the viewfinder. Some call it shooting from the hip, but in practice, I have worked out two or three alternative modes of doing it, and sometimes the results are surprisingly good.

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