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“Collage is an art term. It means creating a work rather like a painting, but with pieces of paper and fabric (‘found objects’) stuck together on a surface to make a work of art.”

Three star hotel
Three star hotel

I often find myself attracted to random complexity. The advantage of photography, is that you can record on the fly images, that form interesting abstract collages, yet make part of everyday reality. I am not sure, who fell for this taste first, probably Eugene Atget, but  the first high quality body of work on this theme, called: “Reflections, New York”  has been done by  Lisette Model, in the period 1939-1945.

At an intellectual level, this type of images chime with my interest in complexity – a domain that has become increasingly important, as our understanding of the world grows, alongside the growth of processing power of our computers. At the social level, this can be portrayed by Thorngate’s postulate of commensurate complexity, which, simply put, says, that in social sciences, a law cannot be at the same time Simple, Accurate and General, thus most often, instead of looking for easy answers, we must accept Complexity, if we want to find true and general rules that are at work.

Emerging relationships
Emerging detail

In music, I like to associate this kind of perception with the coolness of Modal Jazz.

“So What”