New Old Camera – Milano

Photographer's Mecca
Photographers Mecca

Last autumn I had a chance to make a short trip to Milan, and I took advantage of the possibility to fix some of my cameras. New Old Camera is a photography shop located in one of charming courtyards of an old Milanese palazzo in the city center. It has been started off several years ago by Ryuichi Watanabe as a second hand camera store, and has evolved and expanded over the years, to comprise sales of  new products by such brands as  Leica, Zeiss, Fujifilm and Gitzo, and is also offering to its customers assistance with repair and maintenance.

It is half shop and half   clinic for GAS victims
It is half shop and half clinic for GAS oblivion victims

The staff is competent and helpful, and you are likely to find an atmosphere typical of a hub full of camera junkies. I have actually met there people, I only knew about from photography forums… NOC also promotes photo exhibitions, events, and books about cameras – notably one of the most interesting is the Contarex book by Pierpaolo Ghisetti and Marco Cavina . I find there is something exquisitely mitteleuropean in this institution, and if you pass by Milan, don’t forget to drop in.