Random variation

There is no question about it any more. What has been long suspected, or deduced from observational studies, has now been amply explained and proven by modern genetics.

All life on earth evolved according to one principle: rewarded random variation. The constant random mutations of genes inside all cells are responsible for the emergence of ever new forms of life, and the survival of the fittest assures the rest.

It is estimated, that genus homo sapiens is about 8000 generations old. However, only four generations ago ( about 100 years), the average life expectancy, even in Europe, was still equal to that of hunters gatherers. It has been argued, that since the average pre -adolescent mortality among the humans has virtually collapsed during the last four generations, our evolution has now probably reached a standstill.

This however, does not stop people from exhibiting original traits and behaviour. The diversity of people, is one of aspects, which attract me to street photography.

A retired post office clerk, or a rodeo hero?  A bar in one of Nice's main streets.
A retired french post office clerk, or a rodeo hero?
– A bar in one of Nice’s main streets.