Strike of light
Strike of light

So far, the themes of these blog entries have been dictated by the order of the photographs that I’ve been fishing out of my “marinating keg”, which is a folder on my computer. I knew that this strategy had a limited horizon, because it’s not that I take photographs of an infinite range of subjects. Some single shots have inevitably also started accumulating in solitude, as I could not immediately tie them to others of similar kind. This has prompted me to begin the “Single Shot” series, which will be a handy way to keep this blog alive without a need for me to become a permanent story teller.

This shot, taken from my office window,  originated during one of last winter’s mornings right after sunrise. It was a sudden strike of light, and it gave an immediate touch of life to that  gray beginning of the day.

Here’s a great piece which helps to illustrate the feeling. I particularly enjoy the arrangement and Georg Mraz on the double bass.

“I’m Beginning to See the Light” – Ella Fitzgerald & Count Basie